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POD™ Digital Promotions expands its Digital Signage Advertising Network
Sunday,  September 14,  2008 - 8:00 AM ET (PR Web)

POD’s Digital Signage Network advertises local and national businesses looking to reach consumers using lifestyle marketing.  POD Digital Promotions’ screens also provide infotainment for viewers, which includes, stock quotes, sports scores, weather, PSA announcements and up-to-date news headlines.

POD Digital Promotions launched its first Digital Billboard location in December, 2002 at The Chester Diner in Chester, New Jersey.. “Our advertisers are seen ten times or more an hour each and every day”, says Jody Torre, President. “We focus on locations where consumers have time to watch and absorb the message. Our network locations are a mix of settings that include diners, food courts, chain food restaurants, coffee shops, bagel shops, pancake houses and sports centers.  All POD digital signage advertising locations are places with excellent demographics, long dwell times and high patron traffic”. says Jody.

The POD Digital Billboard Advertising Network reaches its audience in a cost-effective and efficient manner. “The average dwell time at our locations is 40 minutes”, said Jody Torre. “We have created ‘a prime visual network’ that brings added value to an advertiser’s impression level, allowing each advertiser to be viewed multiple times during the course of a consumers visit.
“During the early days of our existence selling digital billboard advertising wasn’t a very easy sale. Now when compared to other media options it is very appealing”. Jody continued to say.  “Content for the entire network is centrally managed by our headquarters and changes are made instantly via the internet to every location”. The typical installation at each POD digital signage advertising location consists of three to six plasma or LCD screens and a POD Unit in the lobby that combines the digital billboard with a take-a-way ad card of each advertiser’s information for easy follow up.”


 Currently, the “POD Digital Signage Advertising Network” delivers one million digital impressions per month across all locations. More importantly, it reaches a captive audience at the right time and delivers the advertiser’s message to the viewer multiple times.

“I am a small business owner that must promote my custom motorcycle, car and truck painting business,” said Bob Foltz, President of Toontown Paint, www.toontownpaint.com. “POD Digital Promotions offered a lot of value when I compared my advertising options.  Frankly, everyone I speak to says they have seen my ad. It is amazing how effective the market penetration has been in my targeted demographic.”

Reynold Fauci, director of recreation for Morris County Park Commission says, “There are times when the lines at the concession stand have 40 or more people and the food court tables are filled .  While people are eating or waiting in line, they are constantly viewing the ads, as well as, menu, community and event information that is displayed on the screens.”

Mr. Fauchi also said that last year, for the first time, they put the information for the Morris County Park Commissioner’s “National Night Out” on the POD Billboard Network, and the event enjoyed its largest-ever turnout.

In addition to operating and managing the POD Digital Billboard Network, POD Digital Promotions provides custom digital signage solutions that include system design, installation and ongoing content management services to companies of all sizes.

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